Asian Corporate Wellness Survey

Asian Corporate Wellness Survey

ACWA is committed to developing successful companies through wellness. Sharing the ideas, programs and strategies that continue to deliver solid return for every dollar spent. This is not an easy task. Fortunately, ACWA is doing the hard work by conducting regional surveys of companies across Asia, SME’s, HR professionals and business leaders to identify the most effective strategies, identify the leading companies and share the leading best practices for all businesses to benefit from.

ACWA is currently conducting a regional survey to identify trends in Corporate Wellness, and would really appreciate your contribution and involvement in the survey. This will benefit companies in the following ways:

1. Opportunity to learn and share best practices with the leading companies.

2. Identify trends in HR policies for corporate success.

3. Pioneer employee retention, presenteeism and productivity strategies.

4. Learn what indicators are leading to higher costs, high turnover, lost opportunities and making HR professionals job more challenging.

The result will be solutions to help companies and HR professional build, lead and develop energized, effective, driven and empowered teams.

For all participants, we will share the results which we trust that it will be beneficial for you in particular to be aware and to understand the current status of employee’s health and wellness within your organization.

If you would like to contribute to the initiative, contact ACWA, The Asian Corporate Wellness Association.