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What We Do

Solutions Only ACWA Provides

Conduct research and anonymous surveys

Collect data to help understand the challenges, trends and issues facing Asia businesses.

Identify and develop solutions

Using the survey results, ACWA develops systems, programs and effective strategies to provide solutions for issues that the region’s employers are facing on a daily basis.

Persistent tracking and data collection

ACWA provides free and unique information to help companies improve performance, drive employee engagement and offer a fresh insight in the development of wellness programs in your organisation.

Provide tools and solutions for companies

Free articles, statistics, data, programs, and strategies to power your company forward.

Connecting companies with providers

ACWA works with leading health professionals and wellness providers throughout Asia and the world. Our providers meet the highest standards of care and service.


As a partner aligned with ACWA, you will gain access to the data we collect as well as free corporate wellness programs, suggestions and ideas for you to implement into your own organisation.


Our research proves that happy, energized and engaged employees leads to greater retention, productivity, creativity, relationships and a happier workplace leading to greater profitability and corporate success.


Asia’s first and only independant, transparent association dedicated to collecting and sharing information, advice and help to empower companies towards wellness, success and human performance.

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The Asian Corporate Wellness Association (ACWA) is designed to support the growing demand and need for information, education and support to regional HR industry. Typically, HR departments are given the task to create, develop and implement corporate wellness programs within their organisations. However, our research indicates this as the number one reason why wellness programs fail. HR lacks the expertise, knowledge and time to develop and manage successful wellness programs.


As a member of ACWA, you will have access to the tools, blueprints and resources to help you develop successful wellness programs that generate a ROI, engage your employees and maximise participation.

As a member of ACWA, you will gain instant access to all the resources you need for effective wellness programs. We even white label and brand an entire wellness platform for you to track, monitor and manage your corporate wellness programs online.


ACWA can also help you identify key partners, outsourced wellness professionals and service providers for classes, health fairs, challenges, seminars and workshops, HRA’s, strategic planning, measuring return on investment, developing wellness committees and developing corporate policy to support the long-term success of wellness in your organisation.

Become the employer of choice. As a strategic partner and member of ACWA, The leading organisations,, HR Directors, and leaders depend on ACWA to create high-performing teams and intelligent, effective wellness programs to drive corporate success.


Achieve better returns from wellness, productivity and engagement programs

Implement immediate wellness blueprints, proven to be effective
Stay current with wellness best practices, concepts and best practises
Increase participation and engagement in wellness initiatives.

Engage Your Employees and Take Your Business to Next Level!

Corporate Wellness: The Future of HR Solutions & Organisational Success.