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About ACWA

How ACWA is Building, Healthier, More Energized and Productive Companies

What is ACWA? and Why Corporate Wellness

The Asian Corporate Wellness Association evolved out of the growing need for a leading organisation to help establish best practices and facilitate the development of result driven corporate health and wellness programs throughout the region.ACWA’s mission is to build a strong foundation of knowledge, build a strong network of like minded, results driven management professionals and organisations who are leading the way in employee wellness, engagement and wellness initiatives.

Collecting Data Throughout Asia

ACWA conducts regular research and anonymous surveys to collect data to help understand the challenges, trends and issues facing Asia businesses. ACWA can then identify and develop solutions, result based systems, programs and effective strategies that the region’s employers are facing on a daily basis.Together, through persistent tracking and data collection, ACWA is helping companies lead the way in employee engagement programs, workplace wellness initiatives, ergonomics, energy management and long term systems that generate solid returns on investment for a healthier, energized and profitable workplace.